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GENSSI 7 Inch Round LED Headlight 75W Multi-Beam Low/High w/DRL Chrome Housing (1 Lamp)


7 Inch Round LED headlamp designed to replace headlights on vehicles with sealed beam type lamps. Improved vision while enhancing our vehicles look. Price is for one lamp.


  • GENSSI 75W LED light has low beam, high beam and DRL function.
  • Will fit many vehicles and motorcycles with the standard 7″ round headlight.
  • These headlights are sealed to prevent moisture and water build-up.
  • Up to: 1750 Lumens in Low Beam and 3550 Lumens in High Beam
  • 10V to 24V DC Input (All Vehicle and Motorcycle Voltage).
  • 75W Total in LED Power using the latest LED Technology.
  • Chrome Die-cast housing with PC sealed IP68 Lens. 2.6lbs each.
  • Fits: 6012/6014/6015/H6017/H6024.
  • Wiring to vehicle required for the DRL to function. Standard H4 plug pre-installed.
  • Includes H4 to H13 adapter (For vehicles which require H13 plug).
  • Does not include mounting frame or bucket. Some motorcycles require bezel frame (sold separate).



H6024 Cross Reference: 6014 / 6015 / 6017 / 6016 / H5024 / H6014 / H6017 / H6026 / 2D1, 875 3132905, A27 38416, A27 6014, A27 6024, A27 H5064, A27 H6017, A27 H6024, A63 6014, A63 H5024, A63 H6017, A63 Cross Reference: H6017LL, A63 H6024, A63 H6024H, A63 H6024LL, BAM 2110154, COK H6024, FON 65007, FRL 42002922, FRL 42002948, FRL 42006172, FRL 42006179, FRL 42009804, FRL 42024164, FRL 42031936, IMP 81564, SYL 86024, SYL H6024, SYL H6024XV, W38 6014, W79 6014, W79 6017, W79 H6017, W79 H6024, W82 6014, W82 H6024, WAG 6014, WAG H6024