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GENSSI 7×6 H6054 200mm LED Headlight Sealed Beam (2 Lamps Set)


7X6 sealed beam replacement headlamp. Low beam and high beam all in one design.
Cross Reference: 655 1621503C91, 999 GEH6054, A63 H5054, A63 H6054, BAM 2110143, BAM 2110157, COK H6054, FRL 42002949, IMP 81572, S92 6VK86, SYL 6052, SYL H6054, SYL H6054LL, W38 6052, W79 H6054, W82 6052, W82 H6054, WAG H6054;


Premium LED headlights for vehicles with 7×6 sealed beam type headlights (also known as 5×7).

Compatible with headlights: H6014 / H6052 / H6054 / 6054

Update the look of your vehicle while improving your visibility.

More durable than HID kits, no flickering and overheat issues common in HID kits. Vibration proof!

If the back of your headlight has limited space some modification to the bucket maybe required.

Installation can be as quick as 15 minutes.

Some vehicles such as Toyota pickup / 4runner trucks may need to move the pins on the headlamp plug to different position. Further, a load resistor will be required on these Toyota trucks.

Some vehicles have different plug orientation.



15 Ultra Bright 3W LED Chips per headlamp.

Up to: 1600 Lumens Low Beam Per Assembly and 3200 Lumens High Beam Per Assembly.

Waterproof: IP68.

Dimensions: 3″ (DEPTH) x 7″ (WIDTH) x 6″ (HEIGHT)

45W LED create the perfect light for your vehicle with sealed beam light system.

Better and more durable than HID kits.

Simply change your headlight out.

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Important Notice for Toyota Pickup Trucks / 4 Runners and possibly other Toyota Models

Toyota’s factory H4 plug is not standard, (This is standard) because it uses a Negative Triggering system vs Positive Triggering system found on most standard H4 equipped vehicles. Keep in mind the low beam can be made to work without extra parts by swapping the ground and low beam pins of your connector as shown here.  For the high-beam to work, you need 5-PIN Relays which can be purchased anywhere and some basic wiring skill as shown here.