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LED Waterproof Module Rock Lights (4 Pack)


Color options! Waterproof and incredibly bright and versatile!  4 Pack




LED Rock Lights 4pcs Set in Different Colors

Generation 5 SERIES - Premium Performance HID Lighting System

White – Ultra Bright! Guaranteed! For Any Jeep!
4pcs Kit – 4 modules you can mount anywhere on your Truck / SUV / JEEP! Sticky on the back! Super bright, insanely bright! That is why you only need 4! Why mount more LED than you need!
  • 2x 5730 SAMSUNG Chip LED (Latest Model SMD!)
  • Waterproof Design
  • ABS Black Plastic Sleek Design
  • Input / Output from both sides
  • Chain Linkable – Connect them in series or parallel!
  • 3M Adhesive on the back
  • Ultra Compact and Durable! 50,000 Hours Lifetime
  • Sold in Red, Blue, Amber, Green, White and Warm White
Generation 5 Performance Series Ballasts, High Intensity HID Xenon Bulbs

  • 12V-14.8V Voltage Input
  • 100 Lumens Output Each Module
  • Quantity Modules: 4pcs
  • Choose your color
Generation G5 Top Quality HID Plugs Relays Harness, Easy HID Installation
Uses may included:
  • Mount under dash of vehicle
  • Mount in truck or in existing dome light
  • Mount as signal lights or strobe lights (Flasher not included)
  • Mount as under vehicle lighting
  • Mount as motorcycle body lights
  • The uses are endless!
Generation 5 G5 HID Xenon Conversion Kits Color Temperatures
Ultra Bright! Ultra Durable! Ultra versatile!
Common Questions:

Are they waterproof?
Yes, splashes no problem. Dips in water, no problem. Install under water for long time is not recommended.
How do I wires these to my car?
Depends. Where are you trying to use them?
If installing them example as accent lights you will need to run some 22-24 gauge wire since the wires on them are only about a 1ft. You can buy any speaker cable wire or electrical cable wire from any local store very cheap.
Electrical tape or soldering recommended sealing the electrical connections. If you know how to install a pair of speakers, you can install these lights!
How do I mount on to a surface?
Two options: by 3M adhesive (surface must be very clean and smooth) or by screws (2 screw holes).
What does chain linkable mean?
The lights are designed so if you want to connect another light on the other side of this light you can. One sides would be your 12V+ input and the other side the 12V+ is feed to your next light. See our diagram. Why is this useful? You can create a long chain if installing under a car or under dash of lights without running wires separately to each light.
10V-14.8V DC (Do not plug these into the wall outlet directly!)

Generation 5 G5 HID Xenon Conversion Kits Color Temperatures
Generation 5 G5 HID Xenon Conversion Kits Color Temperatures
Generation 5 G5 HID Xenon Conversion Kits Color Temperatures